When children and parents start to smile – Inaugurating a Center for visually and multiple disabled children in Mumbai

My colleague and the foundation director
My colleague and the Muskat foundation director

Today, we have inaugurated a center for visually and multiple disabled children at the Bai Jerbai Wadia hospital for children in Mumbai.

In front of the Wadia hospital, Mumbai

Have a look:

In front of the Wadia hospital, Mumbai

The Wadia hospital is one of the best pediatric hospitals in Asia where also people with less income are treated at very high standards.

From outside the hospital is similar to many others. Up to 15000 people pass by here every day. It’s really crowded. A lot of patients, a lot of hope and pain.

Moments of joy

When we arrive at the new facility which we have sponsored and are going to inaugurate together with the teachers there are many parents and children who are waiting already.

“We care about children from 6 months onwards. The earlier we help them to develop the better the chances are. Some of them can even join normal classes. This facility makes a huge difference,” says the director of the foundation, Dipti Gandhi from the Muskat foundation. “Many parents have financial issues and come here from even remote areas. We teach them also what they can do at home. We are looking for sponsors who can support these families…,” she adds.

If you are interested to help, please let me know.

Inauguration of the facility

It is a tremendous moment to see the smiles on the faces of the parents and teachers, playing with the children and to get an idea what this center means to them.

It is a highly emotional moment when we cut the inauguration band at the door.

It’s difficult to describe what this moment means to all of us.

In a few words, all these people here, parents, teachers and children have made my today a very special one.

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