A walk in Bandra, Mumbai – impressions and a place where LANDs end

Fair trade shop in Mumbai
Fair trade shop in Mumbai

It’s chilly. The Riksha driver finds his way through all the traffic. Coming often to Mumbai it’s not that much the sightseeing that attracts my attention. I’m going to a fair trade shop to understand more about the products and how they sell it. It’s a small shop but there I find some nice bag designs and talk to the people.

Bandra, a wealthy part of the city

In Bandra, a part of Mumbai, I find in front of this shop also an organic supermarket. It’s definitely a good and wealthy part of the city. I’m attracted also by a few shops selling many nice bands, buttons, stickers.

A very famous house

Bandra West is heading to the seaside. When we arrive at the Bandstand promenade many young people are around taking pictures in front of an entrance which at first glance seems to be one of the wealthier houses here around.

Shah Rukh Khan‘s house
Shah Rukh Khan‘s house

“That’s where Shah Rukh Khan lives” , explains the Riksha driver. Shah Rukh Khan, the famous Bollywood star! His house is close to the sea. High walls surround his properties. Some young men take selfies, again and again. In front of a Board showing: MANNAT LANDs end

The multi-storeyed house, connected by a system of elevators, has two living rooms, adorned with paintings, antiques and other art objects. Two of these floors contain the family’s living area. The house has an entire floor which serves as a playroom for his kids, and in addition also a library, a private bar and an entertainment centre.

Shah Rukh Khan bought this 2,446-sq-metre sea facing property in 2001 and renamed it Mannat.

The area is notable for being the residence of several Bollywood actors. It is an upper society area in Mumbai and the properties in this area is one of the most expensive properties in the world.

The Indians come here to dream of a golden future. Somehow Shah Rukhs Board at the front wall is a symbol for all the young generation here in India, looking into a future of hope.

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