A new MMH kindergarten project in rural India is on its way

Just a few days ago I got some pictures on how it looks today: a kindergarten (anganwadi) building for young children between 0-6 years in the rural areas in South India. The South is the most developed part of the country, but the situation for the poor is still critical:

hygiene, safety and health threatening conditions. Many parents don’t send the children to the kindergarten any more …

With a new building a lot of things will change. Better conditions for children and teachers, a lot of training and educational offers for pregnant women and adolescents, proud kindergarten teachers who with a lot of passion teach and get support from the parents.

We have built three new kindergarten facilities in the past three years and seen the changes. A new building is not only a new building, but the starting point for change.

I think it’s definitely time to become active again this year. Under the umbrella of MakingMore Health we plan at least three new buildings this year, more trainings for kindergarten teachers and also a close collaboration with all local stakeholders to make it a success.

Pa: In a few days I will meet them all onsite. And a lot of new stories will be published here…

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