A next trip to India – and happy to make the next steps happen

A two week trip back to our projects is in front of me. Just sitting in the plane and waiting for departure I review the agenda. Some busy days will come. First in Mumbai discussing with my colleagues and a few local NGOs on how we can start more social activities in Mumbai itself. The first activities have been started there already with the opening of a center for multiple disabled children. Afterwards I will participate in a health training for our rural Self- help groups in the South of India. We will inaugurate a prevention focused exhibition in our tribal hospital. We need to clarify the steps to start building the new kindergarten and we will run a week for our managers, this time all colleagues from Animal Health background. Also Anil Patil, a social entrepreneur will stay with us. Anil runs a lot of projects in India and takes care of caters in poor Families. It will be interesting to learn from him.

All in all: A lot to do. But it seems that we have achieved a lot and are ready to take the next steps – and this is was really counts.

More updates in the next days will follow – stay tuned.

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