How health trainings create impact

Today we have run our last health community worker training (out of 12 training units in the last 18 months) with 30 people from Selfhelp groups – this time on respiratory issues. Two colleagues of mine were preparing and implementing it together with the local NGO and a local doctor and taught two days this module to two different groups where men and women from Self help groups participated.

The impact?

Some of the trained people are helping now with screening diabetes and high blood pressure in their communities and start to earn a few money. Four participants are connected now to a governmental clinic program and do field screening.

One participants shared with us that he was able to practice First Aid when an accident with a two wheeler happened.

One participant is able to deal much better with her own conditions. She is a diabetic. And very engaged to help other to detect first symptoms.

Generally, for people living closer to the city it was all in all easier. But also some of the tribal people in the backwards have learned a lot. We did a final exam and handed over certificates. In the next phase now we will offer advanced trainings to the best to empower them to become really good health workers. Helping them also with communication trainings and more practical exercises will be included. In parallel, we will start a new beginner group where people can go for repetition and also add some new SHG members.

All in all the ca 60 people participated regularly in the health trainings. And many of them are very keen to become part of the next phase of the program.

It is good to see all this impact that was possible only because we run it together with the people, based on health topics they proposed and with the support of our local NGO partner, local doctors and the engagement of our colleagues who invested their time and passion to make this happen!

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