How Carole has met her goat and became ”grandma” in a tribal village in rural India

Someone might think business is business and social is social. But at the end we have just one world and if we start to think like that then things we do start to change…

In one of our Making More Health in action weeks ( a leadership program of our company) to rural India by end of 2017 the managers had given a Training in goat hygiene and health management. Additionally, they made a donation to empower a women Selfhelp group: 27 goats have been handed over a few months later – with a name tag of the donors.

Today, we have revisited this village with our people and the Selfhelp women have demonstrated with proud the impact of this donation. It looked like a small goat market: many goat babies have born in the meantime and women who had no or only one goat before now have three, four goats and thus more income that has a huge impact on their daily life…

Carole has been part of the trainer team in the past and donated a goat named Carole.

Today she came back. Do you know what happened? The Selfhelp group women had all put the original name tags to the goats when they brought them to the village place. Carole found “her” goat among all the animals. And the goat was not alone. She had a small goat aside, her baby goat, named Julee.

“Today, I’ve known my Indian family and I’m so happy”, Carole explained with a big big smile and a lot of affection. “My goat child, my goat’s child child and the woman who cares about them. I have become grandma today!!!”

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