There is one health only – for animals and human beings

A few photos from our Animal Health exposure week in our tribal project area in India. In the last three years more than 10 exposure weeks have taken place here, in the rural surroundings of Coimbatore in close partnership with KKID, a NGO.

More than 200 people participated. And a lot of social and social entrepreneurial projects have been started – in our MMH area in South India, but also in many other parts of the world.

This week…

We, 20 managers from different countries, vets and non- vets, are focusing this time on Animal Health. It’s about learning, understanding and developing ideas on how more animal health can be done. What are the needs and what are the wants of the farmers and all involved stakeholders, such as veterinarian clinics, universities and village people.

Because there is one health only. Because many human diseases have their roots in animal diseases. Because human and animal health depend on each other.

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