Making More Health – Soap Competition launched for self-help groups

After two days of paper making and raw soap experiments the next step to share more skills and knowledge with women is done. Empower women to make more health happen. But more health means also that people can finance it and have income. That’s why health and wealth belong together. With these trainings we empower women to set up small micro-entrepreneurial activities. The results are visible and we all are happy.

Empowering through a soap competition

To encourage the women from different self-help groups who participated in the trainings ( we had a first very successful training on soap production in November 2018 and several short trainings on marketing, business and communications which were given by our employees) now it’s time to launch a real soap competition:

We ask the women to develop 3 different “high- level” soaps and to apply with the results in our official Making More Health Soap competition. We will select the best results and support in the upcoming months the production of 1000 soaps. Based on the best five soap results. It’s not just the soap that counts, but also the packaging, branding and quality insurance.

When we can expect the first results?

Let’s see if the five groups will apply and how the results will look in July – in front of a judging panel which will decide which are the best. The winning soap types (5) will be supported in terms of the “1000 soap production” which is foreseen by end of the year.

Good luck!

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  1. Swapna vivek says:

    Interested. Details pl


    1. Many thanks for your interest. For the moment, the soap competition has been launched for all the participants of our soap trainings only. But let me know if such a competition would be interesting for you and why. So I could start thinking about it the next time.


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