Goats and shoes for ShG women

Yesterday we had an exciting day in a tribal village here in Tamil Nadu, our project area. For four years now we have worked with many Self-help groups in many different trainings: health trainings, soap trainings, digital trainings. Some Self-help group women did very well.

Time for some incentive, no?

Due to the engagement of one of my relatives who celebrated his birthday we could make this incentive happen. Instead of taking gifts he asked his friends and family for money with the idea to donate it to my work and self-help group members in India. As a result we could donate 30 goats. And these women really deserve it.

Have a look at the video:

There was a lot of joy around.

Shoes for more hygiene

When a mobile vendor passed by we could also buy some flip flops for everyone. Foot hygiene is a big issue here. Many do not have the money to buy shoes. Allergies and other skin diseases result often from this missing foot protection.

So, a perfect day!

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