Chat and joy with teachers and children

In our project area in Tamil Nadu close to Coimbatore we reach out to schools, too. Together with our local NGO partner we support hygiene projects for three schools.

Recently, our managers also came and engaged in hygiene games with the children. See this article

Now, after the first two years, it’s time to include more schools in the program. Therefore, today we visited additionally three schools today, talked to teachers and I had some fun with the students. And the teachers:

When I ask about the challenges of teachers in this area, a teacher says:”Often it’s the parents who do not care too much. Probably, because they themselves have only a lower level of studies. When the children are 14 years old they send them to work. And arrange also early marriages. Often they do not support the child together with us. Out of 120 students’ only 30% of parents come and are interested in their children’s well-being. Most of them work hard and are tired. But in this way the future of these kids will not look different.”

Teaching is not easy. Some of these things this teacher shared seems to be known in our Western world, too.

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