20 years celebration of our local MMH partner KKID in India – a huge honor for our MMH projects!

“Power, fame and wealth are ok – when the means to get there are ok. – It’s about thinking which values we want to follow in this world. Which are our goals and why? How we act to get there? What do we teach students at school to go where? Is it about competition and marks only? Is driving for careers the overall goal? Is it money? Or should it be happiness? Family? Good life?”

These were some of the speaker’s messages that still resound in my head. What do we stand for? Which values do we have – in work? In education? In partnerships?

For sure: all what we define as goals is not just describing the goal itself, but about values and purpose and how we get there. It is a description not just for NGO work, but true also for business.

20 years KKID – Congratulations!

Today, we celebrated 20 years of KKID (Karl Kübel Institute for development education) in Mankarai (close to Coimbatore, South India) in the NGO campus. And somehow also our partnership and Making More Health activities.

Our Making More Health partnership is now in its fifth year and it was a big honor to be invited to this ceremony and to get all the feedback and thanks on the projects and work which we have developed together in the last years, such as

    A two years Health worker and health awareness Programme,
    Digital trainings for self help groups and kindergarten teachers,
    Soap and income generation trainings,
    Kindergarten buildings,
    hygiene activities in schools,
    a health awareness center in the tribal hospital,
    a children park and …
    nearly 300 managers trained on how to bridge social and business, how to integrate social innovation and social thinking into daily business activities and project decisions.

All this became possible only because of this very fruitful co-creation with the fantastic team from KKID. Thanks to all of you!

20 years anniversary – Happy and exciting days at KKID

The excitement for this very special and nice event was visible already in the last days, when a lot of activities on decorations, general preparations and many joyful moments ‘flooded’ through the campus.

More than 100 people from many different regions participated in the event.

It was a big pleasure to participate actively in the ceremony and to enlighten the candle, in awarding the school children and simply to feel part of the KKId family!

Wishing KKID many good years in the next decades and hoping to be able to go this way together with you!

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