A surprise bag for you – make more health, wealth and knowledge happen

These bags have been tailored by our self-help group women in the rural areas around Coimbatore, South India. Inside they have put a nice self-made soap and they have started to generate some additional income.

In the last two years we have trained them on soap production, packaging and marketing.

What’s in for you? Test your Knowledge!

There is even more in the package. Let’s see:a piece of soap, a soap card and some questions on health, safety and environment and on India.

Do you know the answers of the quiz cards shown in the picture?

  • How can we avoid waste during shopping?
  • Which city is known as the “Pink City”?
  • How can you avoid poisoning by cleaning agents?
  • What are the main symptoms of diabetes?
  • What famous Northern Indian dish was actually invented in Glasgow, Scotland?

And here are the answers: just have a look at the cards in the photo.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get those bags when you travel and stay at a hotel?

Besides supporting women in need it would create some health awareness and even highlight some curiosities around the place where we are.

We offer entire game card sets on many topics: safety, environmental issues, knowledge on diabetes, animal health and farming, but also on basic digital knowledge, basic business skills and India for tourists.

If you are interested, please contact.

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