New bags designed by tailoring women group in Karamadai, South India

It’s three years now that we started to train a women group on tailoring. The women have learned so much in these years: stitching, embroidery and tailoring in many ways. Together with them I produce a lot of our marketing material for our Making More Health Initiative here in Indis: soap bags, game pads for our health trainings, small bags as rewards for our managers during the leadership weeks when they have finished to implement the trainings in the villages…

It’s a win win for everybody. The women are very happy as they earn enough money now to make a much better life happen and we all like those unique products a lot.

From time to time a new challenge for growth

Last April I asked the women to develop their own bag. And to think about setting up their own business. Today, I visited them and everyone of them was very proud to show the results. A group of four Europeans had a look at it and gave some feedback on design, usability, quality and creativity.

The overall conclusion: very well done

Now we will do more customer research and see which bag might be the one to produce more out of.

But have a look on your own: which of these bags would be your favorite one?

Feel free to share. Every comment is very welcome.

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