Health and income generation trainings pay off – Selfhelp groups in India manage their communities in crisis times

So far our tailoring group women in Karamadai, South India have produced 4000 masks (out of 8000) and these are being distributed to the sanitary workers, self-help group women and people from interior tribal areas. In the tribal areas the masks are distributed along with the food kits. Here the need for food is very high. There are no informal jobs any more, no income, no possibility to buy or sell.

Production in 3 centres
As the mask quantity is high and there is an urgent need the masks are stitched in three different centers: The textile women are stitching it in their houses. Additionally, in the vocational Centre in Thekkampatti and up in the Nilgiris Mountains in Valparai masks are produced and distributed also at all three places.

Also the company where we bought the textile from helped
“The intervention is really beneficial for the people in the present scenario. We are using 100 percentage of cotton material. The company has took all the pain right from availing permission to transport the material to Karamadai by realizing the immediate response,” explains our local NGO partner. “Every one appreciated the venture. This support is really need based and timely.”

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