Understanding the impact of our hygiene program at primary schools

Preparing for playing hygiene games with children l

During the Making More Health Insights week, a very disruptive and experience based global leadership program, our colleagues visit also school projects that we run under the Making More Health Initiative.

The hygiene awareness program has several components, from toilet and wash basin installations to a very powerful set of hygiene games developed under MMH which the school teachers play regularly with children at primary schools.

The impact is visible. Over the past five years the number of skin and other diseases went down significantly, but listen here to what our local partner from the Karl Kübel institute in Coimbatore, South India shares about the impact:

Our hygiene awareness program is successful in Indian schools and has reached even other geographies…

Our colleagues learned about school systems, teachers and the role of parents from vulnerable backgrounds and could interact with the children in many ways. One highlight was to play together the hygiene games based on running while going through all toilet practices, fighting bacteria with “balls” and handwashing step by step memory games.

Making More Health, an Initiative launched by Boehringer Ingelheim, has been active in India since 2014. Several activities from running health awareness training sessions, income generating activities for tribal villages combined with basic business skills trainings by our employees for vulnerable communities, working with informal health workers and kindergarten teachers, soap making and hygiene programs (which paid off so much when the Covid epidemic started) and much more has taken place. We have built trustful relationships with more than 10 partners, connected to social entrepreneurs, implemented together with them successful trainings and built up a huge employee engagement. We have built networks, inside India, but also across continents.

Now it is time for the next big step – building a system changer network India. This will take place in the first week of April. We will share what will happen!

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