Some impressions from our MMH insights week in India

Insights that matter

It‘s the 14th MMH insights week in India where employees from different backgrounds and countries are joining together at our local partner location (KKID) to get deeper insights into Making More Health (MMH) projects and activities, they learn about other values and other ways of life, but also about themselves, interact directly with vulnerable communities, reflect and engage.

Experiencing and reflecting lead to insights on how to build trust, how to start to work with ‘unusual customers‘, how to make impact happen while building holistic solutions that really tackle the needs of vulnerable communities and why partnering across all borders is key.

Let’s see what will still happen this week.

Visiting and interacting with our local partner NGO to support scavenger families

Get more information about past Insight weeks and outcomes.

Takeaways from our Making More Health Insights week – coming in as strangers, leaving as friends

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