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A short overview on topics

It’s about digital trends and channels, best practice examples, about daily experiences with agencies and marketing managers keen to produce their own digital platforms.

But most of all it’s about all of us and our actions/re-actions within digital communications. Let’s find out together why we take decisions to go online, what makes us stay on websites or leave them immediately. Why some social activities/channels work for you and others do not. And what you need to know when you plan your own digital strategy.

Some info about the author

I have been working for more than a decade for international companies in the area of digital communications and marketing. Planning digital activities, communication and change management processes as well as training programmes are often under-estimated as a decisive factor for success.

Think about your digital activities and what they can and should evolve – with the idea in mind to create the basis for possible and meaningful digital activities to your business.

The articles presented reflect besides facts and trends always my personal thoughts and interpretations.

Your feedback, comments and ideas are very welcome.

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