Who tells you that a huge digital presence makes your business run, does not tell you the whole story!


Is the digital way the right one for you?

Do you have some doubts about integrating digital activities in your business? About adding digital tasks to your regular business? And you ask yourself whether you can make it in a meaningful way which at the end leads to more performance?

You are completely right. You should be critical and ask some questions before you set up your Facebook page or twitter channel. You should not just follow the ideas of an agency or the recommendation from a friend experienced in digital, just because they will know…

I mean there are so many people outside (and especially those who want to gain money from it) talking about digital and the need to go digital seems to be “en vogue”. But, who tells you that this is a real benefit for you and your business? That it means more than just more work and that you can really get more out of it? Good questions and relevant ones.

You would probably never buy a car, put it in the garage and that’s it. Ok, if you are a car-fan and collect them, maybe… But mostly we buy a car because we like being indepent and reaching our destinations, getting this feeling of freedom and independence and very pragmatically – being simply able to use it for our professional and private lives’ needs.

A car is just a car

Buying a car is just the starting point for getting out the benefit we expect.

We need more than just the tool: Someone with a license who can drive, some streets you can drive on and the right emotional approach to what you do …enjoy travelling by car.
It’s the combination of different things that makes you run.

The same applies also to your digital activities. Ask yourself what is the goal you want to reach, understand what it means to you “driving your digital activity (in terms of time, content and last, but not least also money), and what is the benefit for your target group. Decide for a small package of activities that you can handle and integrate into your daily business activities. Longterm-wise. And quality- driven.

Start, enjoy and grow

If you have a clear idea about the “big picture”, then it’s time to start your digital activity. Also with a very small and cheap car that some months later can lead you to the acquisition of a bigger one. Start by creating a small website and combine it with some Social Media activities. Offer good content to the right people.
Just because you see results – the ones you are aiming for.

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