Why we should think about closing our high schools


I am one of those who liked going to school. At least most of all the 13 years I spent there. But with the distance of more than 25 years and looking back to what I really needed and what I missed for being prepared for life I am not so sure any more that the traditional school system is still the right way for learning and gaining the knowledge we need nowadays. Everything goes global and social skills have become key. But learning at school today is still based on the traditional, mostly theoretical and often ‘isolated’ classroom approach. Ok, some internships more, huge discussions whether 20 or 25 pupils are the right size, some laps and computers are integrated into the lessons. But does this really fulfill our future needs? A huge step forward is – without doubt – Internet access and web based knowledge. This knowledge around the web did surely not get started and distributed first by schools, but rather from outside. And here is the main problem: school and life are often two different things. At least this is how many people perceive their school times today.

So, the question I ask myself, is should we abolish school as institution? Maybe after the elementary school period… Shouldn’t we integrate it much more in our global needs and requirements? Why not send teachers with some pupils into social businesses? Why shouldn’t they set up own business ideas and make them run? Knowing better financial, legal, marketing and communication needs. Why not combine real problem solving and (social) support with theoretical knowledge where it is needed?
Re-integration of teaching into the world, into where we live and where we go – what do you think about it?

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