Which culture do you live? Thing- or person-driven?

Probably you are aware what you and your team members know very well and are experts in. One may be a really good strategist, the next an expert of controlling and finance. And you? Maybe the marketing guy or the do it yourself man/woman.
In the meetings you discuss or issues you ask yourself may business – related topics predominate, such as how to solve a technical issue, optimize your sales strategy or plan the next event, whom to contact and to bring on board.
That’s right and necessary.

But what’s about your culture?
Not your personal one, but the leadership culture and people you collaborate with?

Do you care, do they care about ‘things and issues’ or about something where we appreciate the whole person? Do you/ your team care about personality matters? It’s not just about “can you sell?” and “can you drive results?” or “can you code?”

It’s “how you do it?” “Can you build relationships?” “Do you have a track record, and can you tell stories about success that you’ve had where you’ve addressed a problem head-on?” Have you taken on challenges that other people hadn’t wanted to? Have you made something greater than just 1+ 1, did you see potential to really add value and scale something beyond what you intended? Do you learn from others? Do you have an open mind and collaborate well? Not just because that makes you a good consultative sales person, but also internally we’re a very team-oriented culture and collaboration is key.

Sometimes focusing on relationship management and make it transparent, a topic of your discussions, might be helpful.

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