What, if Social fictions are a way to change the world?


Science fiction and status today
Just some years ago in science fictions we had seen strange houses, incredible rapid vehicles, unbelievable transitions of energy and power, unlimited communication opportunities, bridging incredible distances in a few seconds. Scientist have discovered so many things and made them available where we just dreamed of in past science fictions. Maybe in different ways, but with the same outcome/format many of those science fiction dreams have become true.

What happened?
Once these ideas showed up, people started to discuss on these opportunities. Scientists and experts dedicated their time and intelligence to push the existing things to a new world with the effect that technology developed really fast.
Simply said: the huge goal, the visualized vision seemed to have catalyzed the development. People saw it, there was a kind of touchable idea and they started to work out solutions. The results can be seen everywhere today.

Just an idea: Let’s do social fiction, let’s change the world
What, if we do social fictions? Wouldn’t this lead to the same effect?
And if yes, shouldn’t we put all our energy to visualize visions and promote and market them in the world?

Startups, social entrepreneurs, all who want the world to look different: think crazy! Just let’s imagine how the world could look.

What do you think?

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