Video of the month: urban farming in Singapore

Urban farming in Singapore
Urban farming in Singapore
Social enterprise initiative in Singapore – urban farming

I like it. The urban farms you see when visiting huge cities such as New York, Berlin or Singapore. These surprising green small parts between huge streets and skyscrapers, the green fields of herbs and vegetables, even rice and a huge number of different fruits where you never ever expect them to see grow.

Really crazy it gets when these plants not just grow on roofs, but also on trucks or on old busses put in some parts of the cities …

It is always worth talking to people who take care. You can learn so much about how they live and their way on how to change the world. It makes you feel a little bit closer to the origins of your life in an artificial world of lights and plastics.

Thanks to all green urban farmers! Thanks for the idea of making cities sustainable.

This video “From garden city to edible city: Bjorn Low & Calvin Soh at TEDxSingapore” is fantastic. Really worth to have a look at this video

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