Chairs on the wings – how crazy thinking changes the world

Design thinking
Why not putting chairs on the wings?
Have you ever heard about Design thinking or how the new generation of planes could benefit from it?
That’s a crazy approach, but more than helpful.
Often it is difficult to put directly into words the needs for change, or re-inventing and developing further something that already exists and we are all get used to or to understand priorities among all possible changes to take.

What can help is painting a crazy, probably never realizable, somehow also childish picture of a thing, a status or a situation. Do it by yourself, ask friends and colleagues to do the same. How it works?
That’s the task:
Imagine just a crazy plane and paint it. Within a few minutes. The crazier the better.Maybe you design a plane with chairs on the wings, completely out of glass, with no motor rumour and smelling the sky…
And compare what your friends and colleagues have done. Often it is astonishing that they had similar ideas… Of course, you can do it also together.
It’s a lot of fun, too. And the result is astonishing. A picture that has that much ideas in it.

Ok, putting a chair on the wings is not possible – at least today.
But after the design fun it is time to ask the why. Why have you put chairs on the wings? To get fresh air? To have endless space for your legs? And the glass? For enjoying much more the panorama? No rumors? That’ s what disturbs most of you?

So, the needs become clear: better view, better air condition, optimization of chair space!

And there is where you should focus on and try to find solutions.

Design thinking is exactly what helps to identify the most urgent needs first and to understand where most of you/your target group are looking for.

There is enormous potential in this kind of thinking, whether we think about products or services. And also on society.

So, how would you design the ideal status of what you are working on?

Would be fantastic to hear back from you – some crazy ideas that could change the world…

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