Luxury and social change in Zermatt – dare to care

Zermatt, Switzerland - dare to care
Zermatt, Switzerland – dare to care
Zermatt, Switzerland. Sounds luxurious. Somehow a destination for a few people at the top of the pyramid. Impressive mountains that seem to be accessible just for a few people – too far away for all those living in poverty.
But in these days Zermatt is also the location of changemakers, of people who want to create a better world and those who support them to scale up their ideas. Empowerment, co-creation, combining social needs and financial growth. Something big is going on.
Social meets business and viceversa. Zermatt, the location for the few becomes the location of change… Social change.

« The Courage to Dare» is the topic this year at the 5th Zermatt Summit, 26-28th June 2014.
Dare to care, Dare to innovate, Dare to serve, Dare to empower…”
The Zermatt Summit is a conference about co-creation and about redefining the business purpose. The model of the eternal financial profit growth seems to be not sufficient any more, no longer the only and outstanding element of doing business. What about social business? How can business together with players from the social world strive towards the Common Good and actively serve society by leading positively towards a world more respectful of the dignity of the Human person?
During the past months the European co-creation competition has taken place looking for people with exciting ideas and examples how social needs and doing business can be combined to create win-win situations to all, to the business, but also to society to cover in a better way the endless problems in several areas: environment, health, nutrition, aging and demography related changes, infrastructural issues. More than 300 entries were counted. 15 finalists are selected. During the Summit the final prize winner ceremony will take place. The winners will receive coaching and € 40,000 in prizes, and will be featured in prominent media. The prizes will be awarded at the Zermatt Summit on June 27, 2014.

I am going there to find out more. I am looking forward to meet people with inspiring ideas and solutions on how this kind of future business can look.
Fact is: there is a huge interest from both sites, the business and the social world, to make change happen. That’s a big step. Called co-creation.

Remains to hope that redefining the business purpose is not just a trend, not just en vogue, but a real approach to start new models together: The traditional business owners and industries together with visionaries making the world a little better. It is all about daring… are we ready to dare? To give up the traditional business thinking around financial maximum profit only and to substitute short-term goals by empowering sustainable marketplaces first where all human beings can be part of?

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