What, if fancy soap creates a win win…

In the Modern world fancy soap is a nice way to attract customers. And the creativity on how to prepare and offer soap with different ingredients, in different formats and sizes seems to be endless.

But soap is also key for health and many people in the world don’t have access to these luxurious pieces nor can afford basics in life.

But why not creating a win-win? Why these soaps have to be produced by people who already have enough money and not by people who could create some essential income for themselves and their families? Often it is the gap of knowledge on how to do, network, market power and self confidence.

In the last weeks – with the support of a good friend and colleague- we did a first soap production in our learning center kitchen in South India. By the way: it was a lot of fun. And the first results are not too bad.

We are working on optimizing the process and on fancy soap models. With a simple business plan and some just do it mentality which every implementation of ideas needs we will go ahead and see how self-help groups in the rural South Indian project area can learn how to produce, market and sell the soap by helping them to become micro entrepreneurs.

It will be a kind of fancy soap and we are looking for shop owners in Coimbatore, but also other cities who are willing to offer it to potential customers. If you have an idea or you are interested in this project, please PN .

And there is another factor , too.

The soap will not just be a nice to have for the wealthy people, but raise also much more awareness on hygiene and hygiene practices in the villages. Because health and change starts with a shift in mindset – for all of us!

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