First Aid and Bone diseases prevention – a training that matters to people living close to the poverty line

First Aid Training for self-help groups in rural IndiaA few pictures from our latest health worker trainings program on bone diseases and First Aid in rural South India. The Karl Kübel institute for development education in India, Corporate Managers from Boehringer Ingelheim and local doctors engage together under the umbrella of the Making More Health Initiative to make more health happen while focusing on preventing diseases and illness. Participants of this 2years lasting ongoing training based on 12 different health-related topics which were identified by the village people themselves are selfhelp group leaders.

Earlier modules trained on nutrition, mental health, safety issues in daily life, high blood pressure and diabetes prevention.

“There were 23 participants from tribal self-help groups on 6th and 25 participants from urban self-helps groups.

They actively participated in the programme and for the first time in their life they had a chance to learn about the prevention of bone diseases and first aid management. Many expressed that this  programme will change their life style and help the needy in the emergencies in their day to day life,” explained our local project manager who works for the NGO. Information session on how to prevent bone diseases

“The concept of this session was to convey key points of bone and its importance, the principles of first aid – 4 C’s : Call, Calm, Check, Careful first aid and a basic first aid protocol acronym DR ABC – Danger reduction, Response evaluation, Airway, Breathing and Circulation assessment,” added one of the trainers.

Simply a great initiative that creates a win to all!

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