More wealth, more health!

Soap making can make change happen. More wealth, more health

In the past we have involved people from tribal backgrounds and Self-help group members into a variety of trainings on health topics, digital trainings, safety trainings and more. The trainings have attracted a lot of people on a very regular basis and the impact is visible. However, there is one big hurdle which is always there: people lack of money to make a healthier life happen at a larger scale inside the families.

There is money needed to buy bus tickets to go to a primary health care center, to afford drugs (esp. when it comes to chronic diseases), to buy nutrious food.

These limitations can be broken only if people can empower themselves and create more income. That’s why we decided to offer in addition to health programs now also some more business oriented trainings.

The soap production training was the pilot of a series of upcoming trainings in the future.

“We don’t like soaps from unknown sources. We don’t like animal fat. We want natural products, local ones”

That’s what one of the woman told us when we asked at the beginning of our training about the expectations.

“We want to add more income and produce our own soaps. We want to share the knowledge with our fiends and neighbors. We can save money while doing so, being safe about the ingredients and also start a small business,” they added.

The training included practical exercises on how to make soap happen, but raised also the importance of safety rules during the production. The importance of Handwashing and hygiene was demonstrated again.

And we had a lot of fun.

In the next months we will repeat the production training and add also some entrepreneurial modules on packaging, marketing and selling. That will help our people to be successful.

Thanks to all who participated and supported this training. Especially to Manolis, my colleague and “soapmaker” and Indian team. We look forward to the next steps.

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