When Business links to Social – Anil Patil taking care on carers

During our Making More Health exposure week with 20 business people at KKID (our partner NGO close to Coimbatore , South India) we had some very interesting insights and discussion also with Anil Patil. Anil is a social entrepreneur and Ashoka/Making More Health Fellow in our network. His big vision is to set up a worldwide network for carers.

Carers in developing countries and the Western world

“Being a carer or being cared – this happens to all of us – it’s just a question of when this will happen, ” Anil explains. “And when you are a carer, you have many challenges to overcome. The situation in developing countries is even more difficult. Often people are isolated, young people have to leave school to take care on the parents, they can’t share their preoccupations…”

For our managers it was very interesting to see how Anil developed his social business, how one day he decided to leave his job as a vet in the government to make his vision become a reality. Within a few years he has grown huge networks of carers, especially in India, but also in UK.

Just listen to an exciting interview/video taken in our KKID campus:


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