Health awareness is key – inauguration of a MMH awareness center

_BOA0694On 21 February 2019 we have inaugurated our Making More Health (MMH) Awareness center at the tribal hospital in Kottathara, South India – in close collaboration with our local partner NGO Karl Kübel institute for development education.

The idea was born two years ago when we heard from the director of the hospital that the interest in health is huge – patients and their relatives often stay many hours and days in the hospital, walk around in the building and wait in front of labs. So, why not using the time to raise more health awareness? Why not creating together a space in the hospital where health prevention education can be given easily on topics, such as pregnancy, nutrition, mental-well being and hygiene? The MMH health awareness center is a ‘mini opera’ where posters and videos as well as some interactive materials are offered. Some concrete health ideas from our Social entrepreneurs will be added, e.g. on how to find out by yourself about color blindness or a quiz on a healthier environment. These activities are completed by our health awareness training in close collaboration with our local NGO partners, by programs our local NGO partner to self-help groups in the area, by concrete projects with social entrepreneurs and a lot of additional activities. Of course, also the hospital stuff will use the MMH health awareness center for sharing health topics with patients and health educational courses.

For us it is a good step in the right direction: Co-creating across traditional borders, working ‘with’, not ‘for’ people and creating sustainable benefit for all who contribute and are interested in a healthier world.


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