Letter from a Self-help group participant in our digital training in rural India

Digital training for women at the BoP

In the last two days two colleagues supporting our Making More Health initiative have been in India. Together with our local NGO partner they have run digital training on how to use a tablet and learned about email usage. Also Cyber security was a topic. The training aims to enable people from the ground to use digital tools. Because we belief that conducting a healthy life means also that people know how to get information and how to use it for their daily life.

This letter reached me this morning:

Dear Mam,

“Geetings”.  I have a little bit knowledge  about Email  & Internet usage. But this is the first time I operated the Tab. Particularly I like  notepad.  Kindly send us the sessions details and we will share it among with our colleagues.  I am eagerly waiting for today’s sessions.  I convey my thanks to our organisation NMCT,  to KKID and the Making More Health Team.

With Kind  Regards,

S. R

Many thanks to my colleagues Birgit and Hilke!!! Without you and your regular engagement this would not have been possible.

More information on Making More Health India here.

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