Paintings that encourage better health habits

sc‫hool painting4‫Our MMH painting works at a primary school in Varapalayam, Southern India are finished. The paintings are just an element of a whole bundle of activities we run together and which we create together with the students, teachers and our local Indian NGO partner, Karl Kübel Institute for development education. At this school a hygiene program based on gaming as been introduced (which by the way we love to play when we visit them during our leadership weeks with our managers), awareness teaching and discussions have been conducted with parents and students. Toilets and water basins have been installed.

school paintingcollage

Paintings play an important role in Indians class rooms and these colorful pictures are really eye-catching. With the colorful paintings we want to raise even more awareness on what can be done to prevent diseases and to be simply able to conduct a healthier life. Using paintings and art is one way to ask students to engage with it and to encourage them to become involved in better health practices on quite a different level.

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