We spice it up – how every employee can empower the health of our Self help groups in rural India

Employee engagement is established in many companies. And if not, it’s worth to think about it. Even in a more strategic way… because the impact can be doubled!

Employee employees and pepper mills: Spice it up – but how?

Supporting health in our Indian Selfhelp groups in poor villages? Everyone can do it. In many ways: Offering trainings onsite, supporting digital exchange on many topics or just as an ambassador while finding more supporters… but the most simple one is probably the pepper mill spice up activity – that’s a way where all employees can learn about our health trainings, social and income generation activities which we run in India in rural areas – and help directly!

Combining employee engagement in more common goal oriented, strategic way with our Making More Health program creates more wins – and in many ways.

We have started to buy organic pepper from our local partner NGO while supporting in this way local organic pepper farming in Selfhelp groups – financial wise while paying a for price and encouraging local organic production.

In our canteens (we have more than 7000 people working only at at our site in Ingelheim, Germany) we use this pepper thus supporting our Indian farmers,too.

And we offer all employees to buy a peppermill – who does not need a nice gift for a friend or birthday? The profit of these sales cross- finances 100% the next health modules and trainings – for our Self help groups and village people in India. We have conducted already 12 different modules on health topics which are decided by the Indian village people – training units on mental health, bone diseases, animal health, nutrition, diabetes… now we have found also a way to cross- finance these modules and to make them free of costs.

Why we need money to run the health modules? We repay the daily wage participants loose when they participate in the training, we cover their transport costs and we provide them with all necessary material they need (eg Diabetes Test stripes, Hygiene set for milking a cow etc) to make happen what they learn.

You are interested in our mills and want to support, too? Please contact me!

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