Are you an innovation or social responsibility manager? Interested in a mindset changing innovation week in India?

Join a mindset changing training week in rural India

Together with UNAIDS, Ahimsa Fund and the Karl Kübel Institute for development education we offer a very exciting program for all decision makers and managers who are involved in innovation, leadership and social entrepreneurial topics.


02.-08. February in the rural areas around Coimbatore including one day in Bangalore.

What we offer

You will spend a week in rural Indian areas, experiencing daily life challenges close to Coimbatore and visit the startups scenery in Bangalore. And while doing so, learn a lot about innovative thinking to prepare markets where there are no markets, get insights from Ashoka and UNAIDS, learn from social workers and experience a lot by yourself- it is not a traditional field visit week only, but you are asked to prepare and run a training, too. We visit an industrial facility to and you will have the opportunity learn and discuss with many stakeholders from different backgrounds.

If you look for innovative strategies on how to link social engagement to entrepreneurial activities, how to develop innovative solutions which go beyond pure technical or charity driven activities. This is your learning week.

The social aspect

By the way, with your participation you support local social projects. Ca. 50% of your costs/fees go directly to our NGO partner to run health and environmental projects. The rest covers the real costs onsite (food, stay, transports).

Because we do not want to earn, but share what we learned and explore together how to make the world a better one while linking business and social thinking.


Then have a look at our flyer


and contact us for more information and application at

Deadline for application:

20 October 2019!

We have limited seats only. The early you apply the more probable is your participation. And let us know what drives you to join us in the very particular week!

We believe in a collaborative approach rather then in competition!

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