More than facts and figures – it’s only the reality that counts: so what happens after five years of making more health in India?

Last week Jorge, our video specialist, went to our tribal and suburban project areas in the Anaikatti area (close to Coimbatore, South India) and Coimbatore city to do a video of impact.

After five years it is time to check how our activities and trainings last, which effect they have on the people on the ground and asking them what changed in their life.

We have run many trainings. On health and income generation. We have built infrastructure. We did some local competitions and mental empowering. And most of all we listened to the people on the ground and worked together with them on empowering them. So, time for some questions now. It’s time to ask what has still value? What matters to the people? What do the people really do who have been involved in all these projects? What do they think about it? How do they live it?

It will still take a few days before the videos will be ready to share. We conducted a lot of interviews, too. On what changed, what stayed, what are the needs of tomorrow.

It seems that our families, selfhelp group women, kindergarten and school teachers, our tailoring group and soap makers as well as all local partners and doctors we work with enjoyed this video making.

Stay tuned. We will share much more. In the meantime just get some insights on what Jorge experienced:

In the small tribal villages Selfhelp groups test their blood pressure regularly.

Visit at the tribal hospital. Interviewing doctors on the impact of our health worker trainings and MMH theatre in the hospital.
Learning from school teachers about the hygiene improvements.
Visit at one of our MMH kindergarten
Our soap makers in action. Regular income, more hygiene.
Since four years these tailoring women have a regular income
Our goat health projects and goat donations
Healthcare professionals in our MMH theatre

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