Supermarket mentality challenges you

Have you ever asked yourself why customers should visit YOUR website if many other websites already exist? Which are the reasons to make them go for a different place? And how can you get their attention – not just once – and make them stay?

The supermarket mentality

Think about your supermarket behaviour. I mean we are used to go to certain places, just because we are used to. There are so many supermarkets around, but mostly we just go to the same without considering an alternative one. Which one is your preferred one? Do you go always to the same location? And why/why not?

The decision on where you go often depends on very simple factors:

– it’s easy to reach. You know the way.
– it offers what you need and you know that you will find it there.
– you are simply used to go to.

Let’s see what could change your mind. Why would you decide for another site than the traditional one?

– You have heard that someone else offers attractive prices
– you want to buy something special that your preferred supermarkt does not offer
– you want to discover something new
– you are attracted emotionally on how it looks from outside

Inform and show the benefit

There might be many other reasons, but mostly two factors are outstanding when your potential customer start thinking about an alternative choice. That’s the moment where you should be present in their minds.

1. People need to know that and where you exist! Otherwise they will not find you.
2. Once they visit your site, offer them a benefit. Ensure that you offer exactly, what they are looking for. Attract their attention and get their “buy-in”. Otherwise they will leave and probably never come back again.

Knowing you means first of all they find the way to where you are. Inform people in various ways, offline and online. With flyers, ads, brochures, and not just in the tradional way of marketing. Use also different methods to reach your customers, e.g. become active on different Social media channels and external platforms. Use different ways of promotion and attract them to your website.
They have found you? Perfect. But this is not enough. Once they visit you, show them immediately what kind of benefit they can expect. What is “in” for them?
If they do not understand this the first time, probably they will never come back.

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