It’s hard to get people to focus on plan B when it is working so well


Bad times? Probably, we are living very challenging years. There are a lot of problems in the financial sector, environmental problems, lack of security … but we should also benefit from it. Why? Just because the changes in our social circumstances, the financial limitations we live day by day, the networking trends in the real and virtual world help to use our creativity much more than we did 10, 20 years ago and to try and roll out alternatives.

It’s hard to get people to focus on a complete new way of thinking when everything is working so well. There is simply no need to change. The good, old times … But this kind of thinking means also no or only a few opportunities for optimizing and empowering a new, maybe also better way. This is true also for social entrepreneurship.
Now we are in times where lots of “plans As” are no longer working. It is the best time to reevaluate and to see this connection between limitations and creativity that has always been right. Within this process, we are bringing curiosity back — curiosity about new possibilities that we hadn’t explored before. Let’s discover better ways on how to do and live.

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