He said “no arms, no chocolate’ – why creative thinking is key for social business


Do you remember the film ‘the Intouchables’ when you read this phrase which the young caretaker said to the aristocratic and intellectual Philippe, a quadriplegic millionaire?

Sounds like missing empathy and no idea what is needed and absolutely ‘out of scope’? And what about the unusual ways on how both interact? Just taking the Maserati again and not caring about all the healthy treatments?
Do not get me wrong. I do not criticize the needed treatments.

But what really impressed me and where I am thinking of often, is the creativity. This fantastic, disruptive way to interact, to solve problems and to act.

Creativity is key for social business, too.
Unfortunately, this is secondary at many conferences, institutions and also somehow in the daily activities, the routine of social entrepreneurship.

We should focus more on it.
Just an example: what is the half of 13?
6 and a half?
Well, it could be also 1 and 3 or XI and II or ….couldn’t it?

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