If you think it, ask it – the hidden power for social entrepreneurship

If you think it, ask it … in a nice way of course!

Unlocking what the other person knows, feels, wants is essential for social business. These questions do not require years of studies nor a complete market research project.
They can be simple: Easy ones. Challenging ones. Interesting ones. Impossible ones. But all designed to help others and yourself to reflect on and deepen the understanding and options.

The real payoff is understanding
What you really get by asking comes with listening. What you will hear besides facts are emotions, hopes, possibilities, and concerns. It helps you to reflect and at the same time not just to show interest to the people you work for, but to enhance your future business development. These insights help you to shape your business, to focus where the big need is.

Have you ever thought about the effect of asking to others?
By asking people you promote optimism and a sense of capability as they make change and help others find new ways forward. Questions inspire and challenge others to grow by fundamentally knowing that something can be changed and show possible ways, contacts … simply more.

Asking questions is always connected to your self-awareness
Asking begins and matures from the inside out. Changing inside will cause the social entrepreneur and the team to influence change in the external world. If you want to spread ideas, persuade and encourage someone else to try too. So, what is essential is asking great questions of yourself, your social business, your activity – before you can do so of others. It is about understanding your intent – not just a little piece of it. How can you find real, long-term solutions and for what? It’ s worth to discuss it with your team and dedicate time to it. View the individual trees and the forest at large.
This makes many things much clearer and facilitates also to say by asking the right questions – in a kind way.

Although curiosity is silenced as we become adults, we are all curious what is happening – in many situations, neighborhood, friends, work …In reality, curiosity is a very positive and critical skill for an entrepreneur. Explore new ways of thinking which lead to new and better ways of doing. Give permission to look for better answers.

So, why not using questioning for the good of your part of the world?

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