5 ideas on how to use social marketing for social issues and causes

Social marketing is not just a social way to communicate and share with others, not just a good marketing tool for all kind of businesses, but also an important way to address social topics and should be used much more also by social entrepreneurs. Often I find very interesting websites that describe social enterprises and their activities, a lot of social entrepreneurs do and offer already own Facebook pages, send tweets and write books. However, there is still a huge potential to learn from professional marketers.
However, the professional way of sharing and networking are not fully used.
Do good things and talk about it – but how?

1. Analyze your market
Knowing your market is key. And there is nothing wrong with analyzing it well and influence it based on good and strategic marketing concept.
Whom do you want to inform? Who is your target group? Who are important stakeholders who can help you to scale up?
Do some research and list your different target groups.

You may wonder how many different people are there: people who think like you and are interested in what you do, journalists, friends that help you to share, businesses that may be open to your ideas.
Think on how you can create a win to them, which topics they might be interested in, which part of your social activities is important to them. Do they have own channels? Listen to what they say, how they say it, try to understand their needs.

If there are too many, prioritize and start communicative activities that serve your main target groups.

2. Understand and connect with your community
Do you know enterprises that do similar things? Help them to get known. Connect, mention them and offer them space to share their ideas on your blog, retweet their information. You need to show them that you are interested in them, before you can expect that they are interested in you.

3. Don’t be afraid of promoting your activities continuously
One tweet , one post is not enough. Use several social media channels and don’t be afraid of retweeting your thoughts, articles, Infos.
Use several channels and share your ideas there. The clearer your message, the more you focus, the better they will understand your expertise.

4. Analyze which is the best way to promote your activities. Take care on measuring your impact
When is the best time to post? Use images wherever possible, work with eye catching elements. Write in a simple way. Short phrases. Not too much information, just a few keymessages. Split your content in several posts…

5. Understand how channels work and how people look for information

Just two examples:
Twitter: use hashtags when you tweet, find out where your target groups are posting. For social entrepreneurs and all those who are interested in social entrepreneurship, e.g. #socent , #socimp , #change4 good are hashtags that are really relevant. But include also hashtags that are connected to your content and are not directly connected to social entrepreneurs. What about hashtags such as #thought, #world, #education, #careers?

Blogs and stumbleupon
Your keywords are key! Select them well. Identify your own keyword list and make sure that you fill in the respective fields. Your keywords help people to find content.

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