From doing more health at the ground to the United Nations – and meeting some Indian stakeholders of health and innovation.

Today, we are with Making More Health in Genève: „Health is about changing mindsets and about connecting people. About facilitating and promoting partnerships across countries to co-create, it’s about delivering a better future based on innovation and innovative thinking and doing….“ Thoughts we exchanged today in a panel session at UN. I’m very proud for having been invited to the session on Health innovation Exchange and to share some of our visions and activities around Making More Health that fit very well to the needs described at SDG 3.

And it was also a good moment to connect and re-connect – with people and stakeholders in and close to our network. Among them I could exchange some ideas with the lead of the innovation hub of the Narayana hospitals in Bangalore and had a talk with the health official from Kerala. I’m so proud that he knew about the MMH awareness center in Kottathara in co- creation with the tribal hospital….

It was simply very inspiring – many ideas, many powerfully people and moments at the United Nations!

The most important one? Innovation in health is about doing. And as the Indian Hon PreetiSudan ministry in health & family welfare said:” Innovations in health have to be accessible and available as much as easy to apply, otherwise it is too difficult to scale. Especially in large countries such as India.”

She is right. It was a clear message for everyone who wants to contribute to health for everyone – also for technical and digital innovators and startups.


More info about the MMH awareness center and the inauguration.

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