Yes, we can! And do! When managers bring joy to our school children in Coimbatore, India

Christine, one of my colleagues at Boehringer Ingelheim who joined our Making more Health leadership week in last November, had a great idea: after visiting our schools where we run also hygiene programs with one of our Making More Health Fellows and where during the leadership week our managers had a very meaningful and insightful field visit done, she has decided to give back.

A fabulous idea

Together with the support of some colleagues who also were in the group she has developed game cards (snap cards/memory game) and a calendar for the school. In the calendar and on the back of the snap cards the children and teacher find themselves. Christine collected the photos which have bees done during the visit and produced these games.

Now, some weeks later, our local partner from KKID (Karl Kuebel Institute for development education), Selvaraj ( thanks to you!!!!) has handed over the games.

The children and teachers really enjoyed. They do not have photos in their classrooms and only a few local people have the money to print photos. Now all children and teachers have their own memories – of a really nice event, where managers from all over the world visited them and played together.

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