Shakespeare loved to entertain the audience – why shouldn’t you? Social entrepreneurs, part II

Do you read pure scientific information on a certain topic if you are not a real expert or/and don’t have a specific motivation to do so? Do you like stories which entertain you and make you laugh? Do you prefer websites full of texts and long scrolling activities to shorter, focused and entertaining websites?
No, yes, no – if these are your answers, then you are just doing what most of us do. And you feel what most of us feel.

Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage.” He was fully aware that content and entertaining elements at the same place complete each other very well. In most of his theatre plays you will find many comic elements and also entire roles, such as clowns and other guys involved in grotesque situations. The combination of both elements, information and entertainment, is essential for getting attention and buy-in. Entertainment is essential for revoking curiosity and emotion, but also for introducing and highlighting new perspectives on how things can be seen. There are many famous and very successful writers in many cultures and countries who did the same.
Last, but not least, also the rapidly growing emotionalizing gamification trend in the online world describes the same entertaining, attractive mechanism which makes people stay and continue reading, playing and learning. Independent from different cultures.

What does this all mean to you as social entrepreneur?
Social entrepreneurs often offer highly specific and information driven content – offline and online. Good content. But how many visitors read through? How much time do they spend with paying attention? What about entertaining your audience? You think, social entrepreneurs should be rather serious? Yes, they should. Without doubt. But entertainment is not a contradiction to that. Entertainment means you get their emotional driven attention, not just the rational driven one. One possibility is integrating some fun elements. Laughter drives away the negative emotions even for just a few fleeting moments. Having a good laugh can change your perspective on a stressful social life event/ topic and on how problems might be solved. You become light-hearted and open-minded, which enable you to deal with the issue more appropriately.

Do you plan new web content? Do you prepare a public presentation? Make it focused, informative and serious. And always entertaining.

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