Don’t offer pasta to a bird – right content makes your customer stay


You plan a website, presentation or blog? It’s not about you, but them. Offer them what they can digest.

Imagine you are at home or with friends, everything is fine, it’ s Sunday afternoon…. If I enter the room and ask who is willing to leave and run now alone outside for the next three hours, probably no one will do so, especially if you are in fairly poor running shape. You would simply not agree with my idea because there is no reason to do so.This means: no enthusiasm, no understandig for my request and no run. As long as you get not a real motivator. With a strong enough motivator you would at least put on your running shoes and start your first mile. Let’s say 500 Euro per hour or a very nice holiday, even better becoming famous … Most of you would change their minds. Would you stop after 10 minutes? Probably, you wouldn’t. You would go ahead as long as you could run, just because the motivator is higher than the idea of stopping and turning back.

If you want to share your ideas and content with people around you, get their active buy-in, their willingness to participate, maybe also do business with you – whether face to face or via your website . The only way on how you achieve this, is by offering the right motivation.

In many websites you find a huge mass of details, descriptions, offers, subpages of subpages. It’s all about you. Which leads also to a secondary effect: neglected updates on a regular basis.
But most of all – this makes no sense to your audience. You might be proud of all what you can tell and offer, but your audience might not be impressed and go away even before they understand what you are going to tell them.

So, the main question to ask before you publish content is why the information you offer raise their curiosity and motivate to stay with you.
Understand the problems of your audience. It’ s not about you, but about them.Show them thawith the content you offer they are able to propel themselves and to achieve great things. Don’t offer pasta to a bird 😉

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